Some Random Thoughts on 6th Editon

Well, folks are already thinking and speculating about 6th Edition D&D. So why shouldn’t I? I will say that I did get one thing right back on the old blog. I made the guess that the 5th Edition OGL and SRD would be much more restrictive than 3rd Edition’s. Also, guessed that WOTC would adapt some sort of spp store model where they’d a bit out of every sold. Hello, DM’s Guild.
So why even think about 6th Edition now? Well, based on other editions its about reached its life expectancy and WOTC just hired a new guy. So. Maybe? I dunno. One thing about 5e is that there’s been many fewer splat books. They left to DM’s Guild. Sure there’s some good stuff there but there’s also a bunch of crap. So maybe there’s life in the edition yet?
Another thing WOTC has to think about is the fan base. Now, I’ve heard tell of a few that just read the books and watch various Youtube stars play. This segment is at least large enough to put a blip on the radar. Another thing there’s many 5e fans who have only played and probably will only play 5e. They aren’t like us grognards who will bounce between games. Sure we’ll bitch about it. But a lot of us play more than one game. If WOTC really wants to keep a very vocal part of their fan base, they’ll need to make 6th edition more like 5.5. Not too many changes to the actual game mechanics but I do suspect that the game would be more friendly to the players in the sense that game would be even less lethal and more, dare I say it, super powered. You know every character is a special little snowflake before character generation is even done. And then there’s the crazy Internet lynch mobs. They’ll find something that upsets them.
So maybe a “6th Edition” might be on the way but my guess it will be like 5th but written like every character is a Mary Sue. But we shall see.
So go out there and roll dice, kill monsters, take their stuff, and have fun.

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