WOTC: Corporate Pandering

Wizards of the Coast has released their newest Diversity statement. Let’s face it. Statements like this one just use inclusive and diverse as marketing buzz words to pander to angry Internet mob that can never be placated. It’s much easier for them to cave to a mob than play whack-a-mole across the Internet. Most importantly. This isn’t just about elf games. Look around you. There needs to be honest and frank discussions about racism not manufactured outrage. There need to be solid reforms to address the problems in our society not pandering and virtue signalling. Folks wonder why it’s so difficult to bring about change. Well, it’s crap like this.
When I first heard the whole orcs are racist thing, I totally thought this was a just of those silly Internet memes. Oh, was I wrong. So for those who didn’t get the memo here’s a rough breakdown on the origins of this whole thing. I’m not going to sit here and rehash old arguments and the best response I found online is penned here.
I’ve said it before. Controversy has more legs than content. Extreme, loud voices get attention. Calm, reasonable voices get drowned out. Trying to debate or reason is useless. Disagreement and dissent are viewed as proof that the mob is not only right but you are an enemy.
I know the argument that the Thought Police aren’t going to kick your door down if you’re playing your home game “wrong”. They won’t take away your books or your dice. Just don’t publicly mention or share it online if you’ve even argued with the mob or associated with the wrong people. You better stay away from conventions too. And don’t play any other games that don’t follow the narrative.
I wonder if WOTC will edit or even remove older editions and content because it is now deemed inappropriate. To be honest, I think that’s a long shot. But I do see the mob as using this ammunition to get any publisher who has spoken out against them banned on Drivethru.
Really hope that I’m wrong on these last points. But based on what’s happened in the past, it wouldn’t surprise me.
I will dare say that most, well beyond 95%, of people are good and reasonable people. They don’t want to waste their time debating with those who aren’t interested in debate. They don’t want to be harassed by an angry mob just because they disagree. I understand that and it’s been my own policy not to bother to engage. Especially in the OSR, we created politics free zones. I mean all we wanted to do was talk about elf games. In a way, we created a “safe space” and even stuck our heads in the sand. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. The net result is that the angry mob is the only voice who is heard. We gave them the power over us and the “RPG community”.
So what to do? You’re a responsible adult. Make you own decisions and don’t let a mob or me make them for you.

2 thoughts on “WOTC: Corporate Pandering”

  1. Wizards’ stance is inconsistent and hypocritical. They go into a tailspin about theorized discrimination in the hobby and “systemic” racism (= “I can’t prove the cause of this, but I have religious faith that it must exist”).
    Meanwhile, they do not criticize a REAL instance of discrimination in gaming, published for everyone to see.
    I am speaking, of course, about the October 29, 2018 statement by rpg(dot)net (a longtime site of mainly game reviews) that they would ban any Republican openly supporting the duly elected, sitting President of the United States, if they uttered any support in the only rpg(dot)net forum where non-game talk was allowed. And yet, a majority of citizen-Americans, those entitled to vote, selected Trump as leader. A lot of Illegals and dead people voted to give a slight advantage in the popular vote to Hillary, but not enough to actually win. Yet here are the winners, the salt of the Earth Americans, the norm, being cruelly discriminated by a bunch of fluorescent-haired wackoes. Rpg(dot)net became the Yemen of gamers, causing thousands and thousands of Republican refugees, some of them who had to leave with only the game-reviews on their backs. Those who remain have to hide their identities, their love for President Trump which is a central feature of their being, just like the way LGBTQ had to hide in the 1950s or non-Muslims have to hide or be socially subsumed in Muslim countries today.
    When is Wizards of the Coast going to criticize this gaming Yemen? Are not Republicans gamers too? What do they have to say about that discrimination situation, which is real and tanglbie?


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