Lady Vasha, Mistress of the Night Market

It time to do another NPC.
During the day, the market square of the great city of Garnax is bustling with tradesmen and merchants. When the sun falls below the horizon and the butchers, bakers, tailors, and others close up their stalls and head to their homes, the Night Market takes of the plaza. The Night Market were astrologers, alchemists, and sages ply their trade. All manner of arcane, obscure, and even profane ephemera is for sale at the Night Market. Lady Vasha has made this her domain. She moderates disputes between merchants, and between merchants and customers. She passes judgement on would-be thieves and pickpockets. Her punishments for thievery are especially brutal. So much so that even the local Thieves’ Guild has put the Night Market off limits.

Lady Vasha’s pavilion is at the center of the Night Market and she is never without her retinue. Her Seneschal is a tall, gaunt mute half-elf seer. He is never seen without his Tarot deck. When anyone wishes an audience with Lady Vasha, they have to go through him first. He will assess the petitioner, draw a card then decide if they shall gain the audience. There isn’t any appeal. For those poor souls who attempt to push their way through are meet by Mordo. Mordo is a hairless ablino dwarf and totally psychotic. While he swings a very mean axe, his favored method for finishing off an opponent is ripping their throat out with his teeth. He is usually sitting at Lady Vasha’s feet, munching on a bowl of raw meat.
While all manner of magic items are available at the market, Lady Vasha buys up the best and most powerful for herself. There are some she is willing to part with for the right price or those who are willing to perform vary dangerous services for her.

Game Notes:
Race: ? There are some rumors that Lady Vasha has an extraplanar origin, others insist she is udead, merely human working her way to lichdom or something greater.
Class: ? More than likely a powerful spell caster but she is rarely seen casting any spells but will do so without hesitation. She has extensive arcane knowledge.

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