NPC’s: Boss Trotter

Every major city has a thriving Thieves’ Guild and Garnax is no different. The head of the Garnax Thieves’ Guild is Boss Trotter which he rules with a bloody iron fist. He keeps control of the Guild by placing only “family” (i.e. halflings) members in key positions of power and responsibility. )There is one exception but more on that NPC later.) While he has scars from many fights, he always dresses in the finest of clothes.
Boss Trotter’s gang doesn’t pay too much attention to larcenous activities as long as they get their cut. Most of the Guild’s and Trotter’s wealth and power stem from loan sharking, blackmail, extortion, and protection rackets. (This has lead to some rather interesting roleplaying when a country bumpkin halfling PC walks into a shop and the shopkeeper is scared out of his wits.) The only person Boss Trotter shows a healthy respect for is Lady Vasha of the Night Market.
He’s rarely seen in public but he still doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Any one warrants his personal attention is “invited” to his manor and probably will face a long and painful death. Boss Trotter is as cunning as he is cold blooded but sometimes his tempter gets the best of him leading to usually violent outbursts. He is quick to assess opponents and come up with creative means of dealing with them with as little risk to himself.
And yes. I fully admit that I got the original idea from Fineous Fingers for a halfling thieves’ guild.
Game Notes:
Race: Halfling
Class: Fighter/Thief
Roleplaying Tip: A picture is worth a thousand words.

NPC Portraits created with ePic Character Generator. I did a lot of editing on this one.

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