NPC’s: Mycroft & Ramona

Mycroft and Ramona are two of the most powerful magic-users in Garnax and they’re married but not happily. It all began as a romantic youthful fling. In the beginning, it was nearly a fairy tale marriage. The pair had two daughters, Daphne and Silka (more on them later). But quickly they became professional rivals which escalated into personal animosity. Mycroft’s indiscretions didn’t help either. Both are willing to use their own children or the random adventurer to annoy the other.
If Mycroft hadn’t taken up the arcane arts, he would have probably made a living as a con man. He’s not above using his magic to get what he wants but he finds it much more “sporting” to use his own charm and wit. Mycroft is living the life of a man half his age; wandering from one city to another when he gets bored. He spends as much as time as possible away from Garnax and Ramona.
Ramona is very studious and disciplined. She’s reputed to be one of the top experts on arcane lore and magical artifacts. Not all of her knowledge has come in the form of ancient tomes. She is quite adept at summoning and much of her knowledge she gained from extraplanar beings. There are many much darker rumors about what she has summoned and what she has traded for forbidden knowledge.

Game Notes:
Race: Human
Class: Magic-User: Specializing in Summoning and Divination spells. She also extensive knowledge of magical artifacts.

Race: Human
Class: Magic-User: Specializes in Manipulation and Illusion spells.

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