This Adventure is so boring…

Admit it. You’ve said this or thought this at least once. You could have been a player or you could have been the GM. We’ve all been there. The adventure is boring. So what do you do?
As a GM remember that adventures/modules are just like the rules. They’re guidelines. So mix things up on the fly. If the players aren’t acting then have something happen. If it’s something that the players would find interesting but isn’t in the module then add it. Listen to the players. Listen to comments and run with it. If they’re all sitting around just playing with their dice then make something happen. Did up an idea from anywhere just get something to happen. Sure the ending to the adventure may now be different. Who cares? Crazy endings are more interesting than just sitting around. And if some reason you have some great story that you’re trying to create and the players are bored. Well, then screw your story. Ditch it. Turn them loose and see what happens.
What about being a player? Then do something. It doesn’t have to be smart. It doesn’t have to even really make much sense. Just get things moving again. Don’t be a dick and throw another PC under the bus. Throw yourself under the bus and see what happens. Really, I’d rather have a character die of stupidity than boredom. So if the GM is sticking their precious story? Well, unfortunately, you just might have to play along. Guess, and do. It’s a problem that some inexperienced GM’s have. If you’ve got along time at the table. It’s OK to nudge things along now and then to help the GM out.
One more point I want to make. Any adventure can be boring. It doesn’t matter how well written it is. It doesn’t matter how exciting it reads on the page. Adventure designers can only go so far the rest is up to you. Ever here that old saying, “You’re responsible for your orgasm”.”? Well, it’s like that. As a player and as GM, it’s up to keep things moving and interesting at the table.
And if all else fails go by the old adage: Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

2 thoughts on “This Adventure is so boring…”

  1. There are nights when the interest in an adventure is not there. It could be a great adventure, but there are nights when the players energy is low and easily distracted. On another night that same adventure might be rock’n. What to do? I always try to work through the rough spots, focus on the most distracted players a little more to bring them back into the game. Sometimes salvaging a shaky start really gets the energy going with the players. All you can do is hope that energy is brought back the next week and as a GM it helps to reinforce this by making the adventure as personal as you possible can.

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