Survive This Fantasy

Yes, I backed the Kickstart but the PDF’s for the GM Book and Core Book are available on Drivethru so I figured I’d share a few thoughts.

If you’re familiar with other Survive This titles by Bloat Games, Survive This Fantasy has the basic core mechanics. So if you’re used to D&D, it’s no problem to learn the game. The system does take a few things in new directions but more that later.
The classes are pretty cool and there’s a wide range. I mean a really wide rage, 19 in total. There’s everything from Archer to Zealot. The good thing about all those classes is that each does feel pretty different. Each gains neat class-based abilities as the character gains levels without having too much burdening crunch. Like many games, there are class based Saving Throw modifiers but classes also gain modifiers to their ability scores. Sometimes it’s a bonus and sometimes a penalty. Classes also gain bonuses to Skills. Now, the Survive This is billed as an “old-school” games. And most the mechanics and game design philosophy follow those ideals. That’s a good. The Skill system, however, is the kissing cousin to 3rd Edition. It’s not as involved but the DNA is there. I personally don’t mind it but it is there so YMMV.
So yeah. There’s a lot classes. There’s also a lot of races, 14 in all. That’s almost too many. But much of that will depend on each campaign. Nobody says you have to use all of them. Like the classes, you’ve got a wide range of options. Like the classes, characters get modifiers to ability scores, saving throws, skills and any appropriate racial abilities.
Since it’s a fantasy game, of course, there’s magic. You’ve got pretty much the usual spells plus some new handy and interesting spells. Magic does use a rune tattoo type system which is slightly different. And yes. There’s a psionic system that works and does feel different than magic.

I know a lot of the above sounds pretty generic but there’s a few things about the system that I find really cool. The first is Saving Throws. These are a bit different than your standard game. There’s Courage, Critical, Death, Magic, Mental, and Poison. There’s really two major differences. First, it’s a roll under system. This may take some getting used for some. Second, a character’s beginning Saving Throws are determined randomly (4d4). This I really like since it makes beginning characters even less cookie cutter.
Characters also have an additional stat, Survival. This is sort of like luck. Spend a point and get to reroll. Pretty simple and you can spend as many as you have during a session but there’s a catch. You only get one back per session. So it’s a limited resource. I don’t mind luck mechanics and this is a pretty good one. Another neat thing is that all player characters have d6 Hit die. Get 2d6 HP at 1st level then 1d6 per level after that.
The GM Book not only has all of the usual and new monsters there’s plenty of GM advice and handy tables that you could use no matter what game you are actually running.
There’s a lot material in these two books and this little rant is very much a brief overview. So here’s my thoughts in a nutshell. Do I want to run/play this? Yes. I will probably wait until I get physical copies and when I can game face-to-face since there’s a lot new material that my gaming group isn’t used to. Do I plan to use some material even if I’m not running Survive This Fantasy? Hell, yes. There’s lot’s handy tables (like mentioned before) as well as game concepts that I’m thinking of converting over to whatever other old school game I may happen to be running. So yeah. It’s a good addition to the collection.
Like I said you can grab the PDF’s on DrivethruRPG here and here.

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