Metallic Tome!

Another Kickstarter that I’m glad that I backed. Rafael Chandler has always put out some wild, crazy, great stuff and Metallic Tome doesn’t disappoint.

What exactly is Metallic Tome? Well, it’s a gonzo post apocalyptic genre/setting source book with a heavy dose of heavy metal and it’s chocked full of little bits of humor. Traditional classes/races add a “genre” for some special little benefits. Who wouldn’t want to play a Glam Wizard, Death Dwarf, or Gloom Elf? Oh yeah. There’s also mutations. You’ll get one of those too. Alignments are redone to fit the crazy genre. Plus there’s random starting equipment, and modern equipment including vehicles. And there’s some neat weird rules. Each PC gets a theme song. The DM puts on their play list and puts it’s on random. Your theme song starts playing and you get bonuses while the song is playing.
The bulk of the book adds new Magic-User and Cleric Spells, and a host of new and re-imagined monsters to fit into this crazy world. Once again the spells and monsters are sprinkled with head banging heavy metal and seasoned with just the right amount of humor (and a few puns). The spells and monsters manage to be familiar but new, interesting at the same time. To round out this fun-filled book, there’s magic items and random magic items. Once again, we’re back to the familiar, funny, gonzo stuff.
This is the kind of supplement that I love. First, it doesn’t matter what specific set of old-school rules that you are using. This stuff will work with little or no conversion. It takes the familiar and takes it into a weird and humorous direction. You can use what bits you want and ignore those that you don’t like without worry.
So what do I plan on doing with this? I don’t know yet but as I was reading all sorts of ideas were bouncing around inside my head. Throwing it all together along with other gonzo settings on the hard drive. Kitbashing it into a new setting to play. Mixing it into standard fantasy or go crazy and add it on to space opera. Or may be something in between. We shall see.
You can grab this little beauty up in PDF form over at DrivethruRPG and a dead tree version is available on Lulu.

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