A little Update and Big Thank you

Wow, it’s been busy so I wanted to a little breather here because things have been kind of crazy.

First, I renewed the domain and web hosting for the blog so you’re stuck with me posting random crap for another year.  And I really couldn’t have done without you.  So a big thank you goes out to every who has contributed to the PatreonBought Me A Coffee,  and/or bought something on DrivethruRPG or Lulu.  This wouldn’t have possible without your help. Thanks again to every one.

So I renewed. That was good news but then just like folks have complaining about Blogger, WordPress pushed the post interface.  I’m still not used to location of the buttons and stuff to the standard stuff and need to dig deeper to figure out what all the other bells and whistles they’ve cluttered by screen with.  Maybe something good and cool. I dunno yet but I’ll figure it out.

And I mentioned this on Patreon the other day, I’ve been working on a little RPG project and it’s going pretty darned good so far.  When that hits the nearly done phase, I’ll be making all sorts of rants and posts on that.

Once again I want to thank all those who chipped in and help pay the bills.  Thanks folks. And stay tuned for more fun and that RPG project I’m working on.  And wish me luck figuring out the new WordPress.

2 thoughts on “A little Update and Big Thank you”

  1. Sorry to hear WordPress has gone down the same benighted path as Blogger. I suspect the pandemic has created a lot of bored programmers, stuck at home with nothing to do, and you know what they say about ‘idle hands’! Good luck with the transition, let’s hope it’s not so rocky as first imagined.


  2. They’ve been pushing the update a long time even before things went crazy. Just wish there was an easy option to keep things the same but I do see there’s more options. I just have to figure out how they work.


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