OSR Retrospective: Delving Deeper

This week it’s Delving Deeper, a cool little retroclone of the Little Brown Books.

Delving Deeper is another clone of the original (little brown books). as compared to Swords & Wizard White Box or White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game, Delving Deeper is a much more accurate recreation of the original.  So Delving Deeper doesn’t have the Ascending AC, Single Saving Throw, or simplified Thief of the others.

Delving Deeper comes in 3 volumes as we’ve grown accustomed over the years (Adventurers’ Handbook, Monsters & Treasures, and Referee’s Guide).   I’ll admit that I don’t actually play Delving Deeper.  I’m fonder of the aforementioned white box clones.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t use it.  While I do still have copies of my original Little Brown Books, I find PDF’s like Delving Deeper are good for research and just plain inspirational.  Much the way I was using Old School Essentials (when it was BX Essentials) while I was running Labyrinth Lord.  And like that, any minor differences were inconsequential.

You can grab the PDF’s up at DrivethruRPG. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?  You can grab up a hard copy over on Lulu for really cheap. And you can find out more information on Immersive Ink’s website.

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