OSR Retrospective: Runequest

I’m meant to do this one later but I saw something on my Facebook feed that me think it would be a good time rant about Runequest & Basic Roleplaying.

I have a real fondness for old Runequest and its cousins; Call of Cthulhu, and especially the Magic World that was part of the Worlds of Wonder boxed set.

The thing is that when I was running it, I never ran Glorantha.  I was adapted it as a more Sword & Sorcery type game than D&D. It really worked well.  It was dangerous and characters were easy to make and didn’t have follow any strict class restrictions.  Oh and yes I did throw in some Cthulhu into the mix since it’s all basically compatible.

Thanks to the various open gaming licenses, there’s already some good clones of the system.   Most notably  Mythras by The Design Mechanism and OpenQuest by d101 Games.  Both of these are solid games.  And of course, Chaosium has release their own version of an OGL. So there’s more clones on the way.

But back to Runequest.  In my earlier reviews of the latest editions of both Runequest and Call of Cthulhu, I did mention that there were a couple of things that I disliked.  I dislike the flow chart to determine if your character is dead and more specifically my old 2nd edition of Runequest has roughly 1/4 the  page count of the current edition but still manages to have twice as much gamable content. So I much prefer the old editions of Runequest.  Which leads me back to where I started.  I guess I missed the Kickstarter but you can buy reprints and PDF’s of the old Runequest stuff.  This is all great news and worth checking out.

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