OSR Retrospective: Blueholme

And the retoclones keep coming.   I’m going to rant about Blueholme this week. It kind of holds a special place in my heart.

To put it simply, BlueHolme is a retroclone of the Holmes Basic Blue Book.   Way back when, the Holmes Blue Book was my introduction to D&D. This was the first version that I played and the first version that I ran.  I still have my original book. To add even more insight on the way things were back then, I found Supplement 1: Greyhawk and I thought that this was a supplement to the Blue Book.  So I threw in the extras from that into my Blue Book game.

Like most of the other retroclones, BlueHolme uses the four basic classes and races. It’s pretty straight forward after that.  It has the usual selection of spells, monsters, and magic items.  This is another retroclone that I really don’t play but I do use for it reference. If I’m researching some specific spell, class ability, or monster then I like to look at as many versions of that thing as possible.  There just might little changes here and there which can be useful if you’re trying to mix things up a little bit.

Just because I’m not playing it doesn’t mean that it’s not a solid game. It is. You can grab up the rules and play it without any problem and have a great time.  And most of your miscellaneous supplements for old-school games still are perfectly usable with little or no conversion. Even if you’re completely sold on a later version of the basic rules, it’s nice to look back and see how they evolved.

You can grab up the Prentice Rules (Levels 1 to 3) for PWYW or the Journeyman Rules for a good price.

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