Krshal Trilogy

Over the years, the old-school community has changed and things and people get moved around. G+ died, you forget about previously discovered gems, and things just weird.

I was just browsing on DrivethruRPG and stumbled up the Krshal Trilogy by Albert Rakowski. I didn’t think much of it at first then I looked further. Oh yeah. Bandits & Battle Cruisers, and Terminal Space. So I dived right into Krshal.

The Krshal Trilogy is actually three small PDF’s; The Towers of Krshal, Legends of Krshal, and Tombs of Krshal. The PDF’s are pretty system neutral but are squarely rooted in old-school goodness. They each offer random tables or inspiration about the City of Krshal plus a couple of mini-dungeons.

Krshal falls into the weird fantasy territory. But the good thing is that it isn’t over done. Just enough weirdness so things aren’t your run-of-the-mill fantasy world . And sure there’s weird and disturbing things but once again it doesn’t go over the top just for shock value. If everything is weird then nothing is weird. Same goes for shock value. Or to put it another way , if you’re running something like Mork Borg then it fits right in.

So what kind of stuff is in these PDF’s, Here’ some of my favorite: Ten Magical Skull, Six Bizarre Vampires, Features of the Ghoul Mothers, 12 Sinister Sorcerers, 20 Cthonic Gods, and Bizarre Pets and Animals of the Goat Market.

Now these aren’t “new” products and I’m not sure how they slipped under my radar but they did. And I’m glad I’m stumbled across them. These are relatively small PDF’s that filled with inspiration to add some weirdness to a campaign. Oh yeah. I’m already throwing together stuff in my head.

You can pick up the bundle of PDF’s on DrivethruRPG pretty cheap and you can keep with Albert’s blog over at the Word of Ortix.

And note to self. Pick up the Underworld Kingdom books too.

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