OSR Retrospective: Adventures Dark & Deep

This week it’s Adventures Dark & Deep.  It’s not exactly a retroclone but more of a what -if.

Adventures Dark & Deep plays the what if game in the sense that what if Gary hadn’t been forced out of TSR and he designed Second Edition D&D which in my mind puts it as a kissing cousin to Advanced D&D.

It does go well beyond the four basic classes and races.  We’ve got gnomes, half-orcs, half-elves, and the various sub-races. And for classes, it runs the full range bards, barbarians, jesters, and many more. You’ve got all the tools and options you need to run a great campaign and using other old school supplements and adventures is a breeze.

As some of the games that I’ve talked about, I use Adventures Dark and Deep as more a reference.  Due to the many similarities it’s a breeze to convert stuff into Advanced Labyrinth Lord.  It can be done but you could also convert into Old School Essentials or Swords & Wizardry with a little more work.

Adventures Dark and Deep is a solid game and a good addition to your collection/reference library. It can be easily played its own and have the feel of AD&D and Second Edition.  There’s plenty of bits and pieces you can add to your own home game.

You can pick this up on Drivethrurpg or get more info over at the BRW Games Blog.

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