OSR Retrospective: Blood & Treasure

This week I’m looking at Blood & Treasure.  This is a really interesting game.  What make Blood & Treasure so interesting?  Well, let me tell you.

Blood & Treasure is a real Franken-game.  It doesn’t try to emulate or recreate a specific older edition.  It takes the better parts of many editions including 3.x.  It includes Feats and Skills similar but still simpler than 3rd Edition. It includes the full range of races and classes including things like the Sorcerer.

These are all good things and makes things easier to introduce more of the old-school vibe to players who aren’t accustomed to it.  Also, if you’ve already got your old-school game of choice and want to add some of those things to your game then this is a good source of inspiration.

I do admit that I haven’t played Blood & Treasure that much but this is a game that I wouldn’t mind playing more.  Like I said, this game is a good bridge between those simpler old-school games and the 3rd Edition style game without all the excessive crunch.

It’s worth taking a look. You can get the PDf’s of the 1st Edition Blood & Treasure Complete Rules and Monster Tome for free. You can also pick the 2nd Edition of Blood & Treasure in a handy little bundle.

2 thoughts on “OSR Retrospective: Blood & Treasure”

  1. Blood & Treasure has a lot going for it. I read it and it’s like someone took D&D 3rd edition and made a “Holmes-Basic” like version of it.

    Like you, I have not played it, but it reads great and would be a lot of fun for the right group.

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