OSR Retrospective: Why I’m doing this

It’s a short week and I know that everyone is really busy so I figured I’d take a little aside and explain a little more why I’m doing these posts.

If you’ve been around the old-school any length of time then you know there are more games than you can shake a stick at. It can be kind of pain to keep what all is going on and what games are available. The popularity of games ebb and flow. A game can be the darling of the day and then fade off into obscurity. Plus if you happen to be new then the choices are almost overwhelming.

The OSR Retrospective posts aren’t meant to be reviews. A single Internet search can give you a whole bunch of reviews for just about any game you happen to be looking at. What I want to do here is basically get folks to at least look at these games that may or may not a hot commodity right now or just may have fallen by the wayside.

And if you want the opinion of someone smarter and prettier than me then check out this video from Questing Beast.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and go out there and have a happy and safe holiday.

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