OSR Retrospective: BX RPG

Do we really need another BX retroclone?  Hell, yes.  Like I said before each one brings something unique to the table and you don’t have to be tied to single one.  Practically everything is compatible or very easy to convert.  This week I bring you the BX RPG from Pacesetter Games & Simulations. (No not that one. I’ll talk about them later.)

As I said before this a BX clone and it does bring some new stuff to the table. It’s got the normal cadre of races and does race as class. There’s the normal classes plus Druid, Monk, Ranger, Paladin, and Necromancer. That’s right Necromancer as “core” class. It does the cool stuff that you would expect but what’s also cool is that standard classes aren’t exact recreations but have some unique twists to them like the Fighter getting a “Burst of Speed” or the Cleric’s Divine Favor.

BX RPG isn’t a duplicate of the original rules. I like that. The originals are available and some of us still have our original copies. It’s the different takes on the same basics that make old school games so damned interesting. BX RPG is prime material to mash up with Mazes & Perils, Labyrinth Lord, or Old School Essentials. Sure you could play any one of those on its own but mixing all the bits that you find the coolest makes the game more fun. Take the bits you like and roll some dice.

BX RPG is worth playing or at least checking out and adding to your RPG inspiration library. It comes as two PDF’s; the Player’s Guide and the Dungeon Guide available on DrivethruRPG or you can head on over to Pacesetter’s website and visit their web store. Oh yes and they make some pretty cool adventures too. Check those out.

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