OSR Retrospective: Far Away Land

Is Far Away Land really an old-school game.  Well, yes/no and yes. Let me explain.

First, we have the original Far Away Land. This is it’s own system.  It’s not derived from any old game.  It uses a d6 pool system. Roll your pool and use the highest number.  And that’s pretty much the basics of it.  So while the game mechanics are original, the whole tone of the game is very old-school. Just the right amount of rules and plenty of rulings not rules type of situations.  Heck, the spell descriptions are some of the shortest that I’ve seen in any game. 

But if you want to stick to the actual rules then you’ve got that option too. There’s an old-school version too. It’s based around the the original White Box rules.  So as far as rules goes.  The original edition has an old-school feel but it’s not clone of those rules and you’ve got the option to use those rules.

Why didn’t I include this with one of my other trips down memory lane? There’s a couple of reasons.  First, the original editions of Far Away Land has it own rules that have the feel but none of the mechanics but thankfully there’s that old-school option.  And second the setting.

The setting is where Far Away Land really stands out. Despite the use of cartoon artwork, it is not a comedy or cartoon game.  It can be down right deadly.  And sure you can play elves and dwarves and the usual flock of races but there’s of weird and unique races to play and even more crazy monsters to throw at a party of adventurers. Sure there are bits of humor here and there. I like that.  And sure it’s weird and gonzo but it’s not edge lord weird. It’s well worth looking at for the monsters just to break out of the norm.

So if you want to check this out more head on over to Faruniverse.com. There you can find links to their products on Drivethru as well as a bunch of downloads including some Quick Start Rules. Check it out.

One thought on “OSR Retrospective: Far Away Land”

  1. So, while the rules are Dirk’s own twist, the core mechanic is essentially Silhouette that powers Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Tribe 8 and Command Core after the old Mekton Ianus days.

    So while not old-school, it is 25+ years old.


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