OSR Retrospective: Maze Rats

It’s another short week. So here’s another short post about a short game.

Maze Rats is rather popular and chances are if you are interested you already have it. But if you don’t it is worth a look.

Unlike many of the other games that I wrote about during my little OSR Retrospective, Maze Rats is based on early edition of D&D. But the inspiration that this little game brings is well worth the price of admission. Now if you are interested in Maze Rats game mechanics then just watch this little video.

Maze Rats on its own is very good pick up game, convention game, or online game. Thanks to its simple and quick character generation and rules.

Now let’s say your not going to play Maze Rats. Why bother? Because of the random tables in this one. With just a couple of dice rolls, you can have an NPC including a name. Need a custom spell or little thing. A simple random table gives a GM a quick and easy. Just possessing this game adds a good tool to GM pack of tricks.

Want to learn more? Check out the Questing Beast blog (the 1st Edition of Maze Rats is free there). Oh yes and it’s dirt cheap over on DrivethruRPG.

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