Godstar for Cepheus Engine

As I’ve mentioned before I’m getting back into some old-school Traveler and thanks to Cepheus Engine I’ve got more options than ever. Godstar is another cool option.

Godstar is a new setting from Zozer games. To put it at it’s most basic, Godstar is Dune. Sure it files off the serial numbers and makes some minor adjustments but the setting information is basically Dune. That’s a really cool thing. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind to run a Dune-style game but I’ve grown to dislike so many of the licensed RPG’s. They often feel like they just had the fluff tacked on to an existing system. And also as GM you have to face the fanboy who just may be in your gaming group. And you’re free to change up stuff without someone complaining about canon. You can really make it your own.

I like the simple layout of Godstar. It’s pretty easy to read and reference. It covers the main NPC’s and cultures that inhabit the setting. There really isn’t that much new crunchy material. There’s some good desert survival rules. The shield technology that makes archaic melee weapons important. It’s well worth the price for the inspirational material alone. Like I said before this is a setting so you’ll need to grab up one of the core Cepheus Engine rules books like Cepheus Light. This is a really good addition to your gaming library. Since it’s mostly fluff material, you could also easily convert to whatever game system you happen to prefer.

As I was reading through Godstar, I started thinking about what I would want to do with this setting. Then it hit me. Combine Godstar with Sword of Cepheus. Sure that takes out the whole shield thing and much of the other hi-tech stuff. Cut out much of the magic from Sword of Cepheus. Make a few fluff adjustments here and there. And what do you get? A bizarre cross between Dark Sun and Spelljammer. Now that might be fun to run. Hmmm. Sounds like another project I need to add to that ever growing list.

You can grab up Godstar over at DrivethruRPG.

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