OSR Retrospective: For Gold & Glory

Most of the games that I’ve written about before were clones of Original, Basic, or Advanced Editions. This makes For Gold & Glory a little different.

For Gold & Glory is clone of the the so-called “2nd Edition”. I know it’s that common and some folks have a love-hate relationship with 2nd Edition. Since it’s (as I would call it) the last of the old-school editions, it has all the races and classes that you would expect. It also has the 2nd Edition skill system which I personally thought was really weird. Since this is a core book, it doesn’t have what I really enjoyed in 2nd Ed, the class kits. In case you don’t know, the kits were sort of like the Prestige Classes in 3.x. The main difference was that for the kits, you started at 1st level as the kit class. You were a specialized version of that class.

Well, what have I done with it? Not really anything. I’m being honest here. I have much more fun messing around with something based on White Box or Basic. That doesn’t mean I haven’t sat back and read For Gold & Glory. It is a good trip down memory lane.

So should you grab it up? Well, sure. Like said, it’s a good trip down memory lane. If you want to play a game based on the 2nd Edition rules? Then here’s chance because the PDF is free on DrivethruRPG.

2 thoughts on “OSR Retrospective: For Gold & Glory”

  1. Talking about 2ns Ed kits: they were more or less a roleplaying thing (yeah, there was the bladesinger, but…). The Prestige Classes made a power surge thing after the core splat books out of it. Too bad… :/


  2. Thank you for reviewing “For Gold & Glory(TM)”!

    I understand how you feel about the “class kits”. While producing the Core Rule book, certain choices had to be made and not everything that we wanted could be included. After a tightly formatted layout, we were still at around 400 pages.

    Fortunately, the publishers of Ice Kingdoms, a setting designed with FG&G setting, filled a solid part of this deficiency with The Player’s Guide to Adventurers, https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/240960/The-Players-Guide-to-Adventurers.

    I also publish supplements for the game as The Hawk Wolf Network, https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?keywords=hawk%20wolf%20network.

    In December, after a long absence from writing, we started working on “Monsters” volume 2-Denizens of the Planes (the title is still a work in progress). It’s going to be a combination of the “old” MoP with a collection of critters for each, and whatever else we can fit in under 200 pages… Our next planned project is a complete new rule set, based on FG&G. One of the main goals of the new game is to add in “missing” elements, such as “kits”, additional skills, additional spells, etc.

    Your time and support is very much appreciated. Good gaming to all!

    Hawk Wolf


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