The Best Laid Plans

Last week was one THOSE weeks. So many plans and so much went wrong. But I’m trying to use this as an opportunity.

Last Thursday, the old computer finally gave up the ghost. I did a little troubleshooting and some diagnostic type stuff and turns out it was probably the motherboard or the CPU or both. Any way it was dead. That meant that since Thursday, it’s been rip out the old hard drive and cross my fingers. Good thing. I was able to recover just about everything. Then there’s buying a new PC. The old one was old enough that it didn’t really make any sense to try to repair. Did I get anything top of the line. Of course, not. Can’t afford that. But it is a lot faster and better than the old one. While I was at it grabbed up a new mike and headset too. Most of Saturday was spent doing updates and downloading all the software that I’m used to using. That’s always fun. Sort of like watching paint dry. I still have a couple little things to download but I’m operational as we used to say in the Army.

That leaves me where I am now. I’ve got some better equipment and that means it’s a good time to ramp things up again. I haven’t done a video since last March. You now when everything was crazy. Time to consider going back to doing regular podcasts. Yeah, I know I didn’t have that many subscribers but I did enjoy it. It also means that I want to spend some more selected time on Discord when interesting things are happening. Plus start shaking some trees and see what falls out about getting some online gaming done.

I’m behind on a lot projects but then I’ve got some better tools. So hell. Why not? Take it as sign to step up to the plate.

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