Dungeon Delving Brown Box Edition

And another fun little game hits my radar. Yes, it says Brown Box but it’s largely compatible with your White Box games.

I know what you’re saying. Do we really need another one? Well, of course we do. As long as it adds something new. The bulk of the book has all the stuff that you would expect so there’s nothing new there. It’s the back of the book that is the real gem. There’s a ton of options, extras and tools to add to your game no matter which specific rules you happen to be using.

So let me go over some of things in the back of the book. There’s some interesting things there like Advantages and Disadvantages to the characters a little more character, Backgrounds and Talents, alternate advancement, and character generation options. Then there’s the Class Special Abilities. These are little buffs to each of the three core classes to give them a little more umph and flavor. For example, Clerics get a nice little Minor Divination ability. Fighters choose a special combat ability like Cleave or Brutal Attack. Magic-Users get a neat little Minor Magic trick which is a lot like Cantrips. You noticing there’s no Thief? Well, there’s an optional Specialist class plus Class Variants. But wait. There’s more. Sanity rules. More optional Combat and Magic Rules. And Alternate Wounds/HP rules.

I’m not done yet. Then we hit the Appendices. There’s a good little essay on old-school play. I know there’s a ton of those out there. Plus a good section on GM Advice and dealing with all sorts of special situations. And Random Tables because you can never have too few of those.

Overall, I’m really glad that I picked this up. It’s really useful for both inspiration on house rules and additions to your game or setting. Plus, like I said, Random Tables. Some of those are going to end up in my GM notebook.

You can grab Delving Deeper Brown Box at DrivethruRPG. There’s the standard version and a PWYW Art Free Version.

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