I don’t mind bring up something cool from the past. As I was digging thru DrivethruRPG, I had totally forgotten about Talislanta.

The original system is a pretty simple one and can be easily tweaked or converted to whatever old-school rules you like. But you can totally ignore the rules themselves and delve into the fluff and modify it the way wish into your own campaign. And there’s wild stuff there that any enterprising GM can use for inspiration. There’s so much that I’m not really going to do a review here on it. Let me just say that it can be worth your time to give it look.

Back in 2010, the older editions were released under a Creative Commons license. And that means, you can grab up those old PDF’s on DrivethruRPG for free.

So if you’re looking for something that’s different and out of the ordinary. Give this stuff a chance. And as always. Still No Elves.

4 thoughts on “Talislanta!”

  1. Most of the games with rich vibrant settings that I’d played before Talislanta had convoluted rules -Talislanta was the first, for me, that successfully married simple rules to a big setting that was fleshed out through the character races


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