GM’s Day Goodies

DrivethruRPG has their big GM’s Day sale going on and I dug around and looked on my wish list and picked myself of few goodies.

A couple of adventures from Dungeoneers Guild Games. I admit that the covers grabbed my eye first. Both of these modules use the same old school rules or put it in a nutshell, descending AC and THAC0, and are dungeon crawls. Both of these adventures are short on plot so it’s easy for a GM to import into their own world and each has adventure hooks to get the characters involved and a set of rumors. The biggest downside is that neither has a preview on on DrivethruRPG.

Tower of the Black Sorcerers: For characters level 5 to 8, a fun little adventure centered around a a wizards’ tower set within a city. Since this is all about a group of wizards, there’s lots of magic, demons, and a few undead nasties. The characters are going to spend a lot of their time fighting spell casters so be prepared for that. Since this is already set within a city, a creative GM could use this in a variety of ways. It’s a good inspirational dungeon that an enterprising Gm could use in a variety of ways.

Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm: For characters level 10 to 15, a really deadly dungeon crawl. The easiest way to describe this one is imagine that that big bad of Tomb of Horrors was dragon rather than a lich. This thing is filled with deadly traps and deadly minions. My first thought to use this module is make it the climax to a campaign. The dragon is the big bad that the party has been facing the entire and this is their delve right into the belly of the beast (possibly literally).

Beasties and Beasties 2 from Night Owl Workshop: These are kissing cousins and damn fine supplements to your game.

Both of these are pretty awesome. If you use Swords & Wizardry then little or no conversion is needed and there notes to convert it to other old school rules sets. So what do you get? A bunch of new monsters, traps, NPC’s , random tables, and each has an adventure. Another thing I like are the “minor” monsters. These really aren’t monsters in the game stat’s sense but rather are more like obstacles/traps to challenge the player characters.

All in all, this was a good haul over the weekend and great additions to my GM tool kit and adventure catalog.

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