The Phylactery 2

This is a great little zine in case you missed that Kickstarter. Shame on you. I’ve got my greasy fingers on my hard copy.

So what do you get? Monsters, magic items, mini-dungeons, and more. So what else do I like about Phylactery 2 (and No1 as well)? First, the material isn’t tied to any one specific old school rules set. So use it for whatever rules that you are using. It’s got just enough gonzo but doesn’t go overboard or turn it up to 11 just to say that’s 11. So it’s not stupid gonzo. And finally, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Gaming is all about having fun.

This probably isn’t worth hauling around in my GM bag to every game. But having a handy mini-dungeon or a neat new magic item or monster to throw at the player characters is well worth the price of admission.

So you missed the Kickstarter? Well, Issue 1 in on DrivethruRPG and it’s just as cool and worth grabbing up. And Issue 3 in Kickstarter as of this writing. Yes, I backed it.

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