Runequest+Call of Cthulhu

Yes, these are my old, original books.

In a lot ways, I got extremes when it comes to gaming. Sometimes I want high fantasy but I lean towards Sword & Sorcery type games. And sometimes I want them cinematic and fun but then other times, I want bloody and darn right dangerous and just a bit nasty.

This gets filed under “Another campaign that I really want to run”. The concept mechanics-wise is pretty simple. For general character skills, stats, and equipment, pull that from Runequest. Hey, you want monsters and magic, that’s from Call of Cthulhu. Yeah, this is borderline Carcosa.

Truth be told, I might lean more towards using the very old (and simple) Basic Roleplaying+Magic World with a little influence from Delta Green. I just find the overall character generation to be easier and quicker. And with a campaign idea like this, you are going to need it.

Now, I bet you thought that I forgot Stormbringer. Nope. Another source for monsters and just maybe a little magic. But things are still going to be deadly and insane. And maybe just a little fun.

Any way, this is another bout of dreaming about what I want to when things get back to some sense of normal.

5 thoughts on “Runequest+Call of Cthulhu”

    1. I’m not finding it online. However, there’s the BRP SRD for free and the PDF of the new one is currently only $2.99 on Drivethru plus there’s the Mythras material from Design Mechanism (the Mythras Imperative is a free PDF on Drivethrurpg) that could be used as well.


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