Happy Birthday Roger Corman

Happy Birthday to Roger Corman. The man who gave us so many cheesy B Movies. Yes, many of those movies were horrific but I’ll be honest they did play as much a part of my youth as the “classics”. Especially, when it comes to gaming. Whether it be horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, Roger gave us something.

But since I’ve been on a Sword & Sorcery kick, then why not a little homage to some of those movies from the days of VHS. Especially, the preeminent character: Deathstalker.

And we can’t forget his other movies. I think he kept Boris Vallejo busy just with his movie posters.

And as an award for making it this far, it’s time for a flash sale! So today only! The PDF of Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery is half off!

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