One World, Many Possibilities

So how may campaign worlds do you use? OK, sure for a specific game, setting, or genre you use something specific but as a go-to setting how many do you use?

Let me explain this a little better. My standard fantasy setting is the world of Zoong. So if I’m just getting the group together that’s the place I go to. And it doesn’t matter which system I use. I’ve ran adventures in this setting with 5E, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Swords & Wizardry, and Labyrinth Lord. And it’s been with mostly the same group of players.

They’ve always had fun. They are already used to the gods, the lay of the land, and some NPC’s. We’ve had the unwritten “rule” that players shouldn’t use player knowledge. Plus there’s no indication which chronological order these campaigns have. Not all of the campaigns have taken place in the same geographic region. Heck, these might be alternate universes. Plus I’ve made changes here and there based on what the players have done and any really interesting things that have happened like Cthulhu hating demi-humans.

It also makes things easier for me as a GM. I don’t have t reinvent the wheel each time. I’ve already got a base to start. And plenty of old notes that haven’t been used yet. I like keeping my notes generic and inspirational rather than detailed. First, I want to have easy ways of importing cool published adventures. Second, you never know when a random NPC catches the players’ attention and becomes important. And third, some times there are world changing events thanks to the PC’s or even a really crazy die roll. Keeping the options open.

2 thoughts on “One World, Many Possibilities”

  1. I rarely re-use settings. I’m not sure why. Fantasy gaming being fantasy gaming most of them aren’t too much different but they’re not the exact same. I think it’s probably the same reason why I don’t usually use established worlds – I think my regular groups like learning about new worlds.

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  2. I really like your approach. I am doing something similar. I previously ran the Forgotten Realms for 26 years and completely burned out. Never doing that again. Now I want to try as many mini-settings as I can (loosely placed in my own world). I currently run two Castles & Crusades campaigns, one is Labyrinth Lord Barrowmaze, and the other is Basic Fantasy adventures that will shift over to AD&D 2nd edition. Future campaigns will be in Old School Essentials Dolmenwood, and Troll Lord Games Aufstrag. I will maintain a few consistent house rules and a pantheon of deities, but I look forward to the flexibility and fresh creative options that these other settings give me and my players to change the world and try out new things. Like you, my players will have an impact on the world, but I don’t intend to spend too much time on the chronological order of the different campaigns. Again, this was great to read!


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