Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set

I know I haven’t blogged about Swords & Wizardry in a long time. So in case you’ve missed my other rants, this is my go-to game for old school play. It just hits all the right marks for me. Clear rules and really easy to tweak and house rule. And converting stuff into it is a breeze.

So the boxed set isn’t anything new nor is it a new edition. It’s the Swords & Wizardry Complete rules broken down into smaller digest-sized books ala BX Essentials/Old School Essentials. It’s handy at the table and on the go.

And I grabbed up that Accessory Pack Add On. That’s Moar Monsters!, an adventure, and the above pictured GM Screen. Now I haven’t used GM screens in a long time. Most just get in the way. But this one is low enough to not get in the way and still tall enough to hide my notes. It’s just got the attack charts but I’ve never seen a GM screen for any game that had the charts that I wanted.

Now if you missed out on the Kickstarter, you might be out of luck. I think they may have a limited number of extra boxed sets available after fulfillment is completed. So you’re going to have to keep on eye Frog God Games for that.

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