Magic & Shit

Hey, don’t blame me. I didn’t come up with the title. If you’ve grabbed up the zines by Levi Combs of Planet X Games then you’ve been missing out. This is wild stuff and in the good way.

Magic & Shit is a little booklet with crazy heavy-metal inspired magic items. So if you’ve followed the blog then you know that I’m no metal head. I’m more of a Ramones type of guy. This doesn’t stop me from liking Magic & Shit. While it’s heavy metal inspired, none of the items are tied to music. They’re just weird and creepy items.

Each item has it’s back story and lore. And it may take a bit of tweaking the fluff to fit into your game but that’s about it. Another thing, there’s no just plain old +1 items. Nothing boring or blah.

This little book has 29 magic items everything from rings to weapons and the other items. I’m not going to go through each item in detail but let me give you some of the really cool names and let your imagination wander from there: The Blasphemous Eidolin of the Outer Void, The Mummified Hand of Gilly Yonder, and the Staff of the Howling Wastes. Like I said, these aren’t your average magic items. So if you want some weird stuff to throw at your players or have them have some weird stuff in their arsenal then grab up a copy of Magic & Shit.

While designed around old-school games, it is easily adapted to later editions. And it isn’t designed for any specific old-school game.

Now, I got my copy as a Kickstarter backer. From what I understand , Planet X Games stuff will be available on Exalted Funeral and many titles are available on DrivethruRPG. And if you haven’t looked at the Phylactery Zines then you should really check those out too.

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