Temple of Dagon & Death Ship of the Roach Princess

In case you don’t follow the blog regularly, I am a big fan of Swords & Wizardry. It’s my go to game for old school play. Also, Frog God Games via Necromancer Games have been doing quick crowd funding projects for adventures on Indiegogo. Well, I backed these two and got the PDF’s fast enough that putting my random thoughts on these into one post. As usual, I’ll try to do this without spoilers.

Temple of Dagon. I mean just look at the title. I had to get this one. The plot on this one is pretty straight forward. Ancient lost temple. Grab some artifacts and loot. Fight evil. So nothing to surprising there. Also, large parts of the adventure occur underwater. I’ve never been a fan of underwater adventures and I knew this going in. It always seems that the party needs to grab a bunch of specialty magic items to complete the adventure. But that’s just opinion. YMMV.

The good thing is it’s pretty easy to move some of the dungeon environs to not completely underwater. I really do like the adventure. There’s some real inspirational and useful material in there. Namely, I can see it as the groundwork for making the Cult of Dagon a regular villain group. It would still take some fleshing out by the DM but that’s part of the job.

Of course, there’s some new monsters and magic items. Overall, it’s a good adventure. It’s available for Swords & Wizard, Pathfinder 1E, and 5E. You can grab it up on DrivethruRPG or Frog God Games.

The second adventure to hit my inbox is Death Ship of The Roach Princess. This one was written by Matt Finch and when heard that players at conventions were getting the creeps when he ran it then I just had to get this one too.

This is one is pretty hard to describe without at least giving a little bit away. But the title gives you the biggies of the adventure. The Death Ship and the Roach Princess (Teratashia).

Let’s talk a little about Teratashia first. She’s the demon lord of roaches and she’s into all the nooks and crannies. Even those between dimensions and plans. And then there’s the Death Ship. Well. Death Ship pretty much says it all. Oh and it’s cursed.

The adventure starts off easy. It shouldn’t be any problems. The characters from some reason have to go an investigate a mysterious ship in the harbor. Things quickly go sideways. Remember, cursed death ship? Well, the real adventure isn’t kick in the door, kill the monster, and take the treasure. It’s get off the the cursed ship. It’s going to take some brain power on the part of the players to get off the ship. It’s no easy task and there are plenty of places where they could easily end up as just another cursed soul. Sure there’s treasure if they plan well.

Death Ship is really much creepier and challenging adventure. And if you don’t like cockroaches then you are going to squirm like crazy. This a creepy and really challenging adventure.

Of course, you can grab this up on DrivethruRPG or Frog God Games’ site as well.

With these adventures and the recently funded Blood Lagoon, I can’t help but think that these would be a perfect fit for a Razor Coast campaign.

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