Phylactery No. 3

Don’t you wish that you had backed this? If you did then you’d have the PDF in your hot little hands. I gots mine. Planet X Games/Levi Combs puts out some great stuff. It hits just the right spot for me when it comes to weird and humor.

Just as the title says, this is issue number three of the Phylactery zines. This issue keeps the streak of good old-school gaming material. This issue adds more to assassins with The Grandfather of Assassins, and cool little article to spice up Monks a little bit. It’s a lot more colorful than the normal Quivering Palm. To throw more into the mix, there’s a group of lost and forgotten gods, cults, more magic items, NPC write ups including Saint Kurnus the Fallen who (according to the art work) is the iconic bad guy from Issue No. 1.

And rounding out the zine is a nice little adventure, Cursed Barrow of Whispering Skulls.

It’s a great mixture of humor, B Movies, and old school gaming content. All this stuff can easily be put in your own campaign world or used with whatever old-school rules strike your fancy. It’s great well spring of material and inspiration.

So if you didn’t back it then you’ll just have to wait. But you can pick up Planet X’s products on DrivethruRPG or Exalted Funeral.

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