What’s cool? The Lizard Man Diaries

It’s been long time since I did a “What’s Cool Wednesday” Part of that is that I’ve been so busy. Another part is just finding something new (to me at least) that’s really cool. But I got one this week.

Sure, The Lizard Man Diaries has been around for a while but I just stumbled across the blog via just shopping around DrivethruRPG. So what’s over there? Lots of cool ideas and random generators for lots and lots stuff. Rooms, gangs/guilds, tools for city adventures and all sorts of goodies.

So I recommend checking out the blog. That link is right above there. Oh, and there’s some pretty cool pdf’s available on DrivethruRPG. But I’ll talk more about a couple of those later.

And with that. Be cool out there. Look for and share cool gaming stuff. And talk about other people’s stuff that you thing is near.

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