I did a little experiment

I don’t often do posts like this but a did little experiment in July. I was wondering just how much Facebook mattered vs Mewe when it came to my blog posts.

I know a lot folks feel that there’s not that much engagement on MeWe vs Facebook. And by engagement, in this case, I mean comments on posts. Which is true but then if we really look at some of the comments on Facebook, there’s many that don’t really add to the discussion and the most popular posts are the controversial ones. Yes, I know YMMV and everyone’s experiences are different.

So what I did for the last half of July is stop cross posting to Facebook Groups and see what happened. The posts still went up on the blog’s Facebook page but Facebook is nice and let’s me know that less 5% of the folks who follow the page actually get to see the post .

What happened in July? Well, it may be an anomaly but the blog reached its second highest volume of traffic for the year and third highest in the last three years. I don’t know if it was just luck or I just happen to post the “right” things for the time.

I don’t know if this small experiment really gives me a large enough sampling to make a concrete determination about the value of posting in some Facebook groups. However initially, I do get the feeling that on Facebook posts get “likes” and maybe comments but a lot more folks don’t even read the accompanying blog post. But on MeWe while there might not be as much conversation about a post, more folks are actually reading the post.

I know there’s lots of factors that go into this. What Facebook groups I post in. When I post. What else is being posted at the time and so on. I also know that this little sampling might not accurately reflect traffic long term or some one else’s traffic.

Maybe I’ll do another little experiment this month and just see what happens.

7 thoughts on “I did a little experiment”

  1. I’d be curious to learn what FB groups you cross post to. I rarely post blog links on groups unless they are pertinent to the discussion. I’ll post a succinct response to the OP outlining my thoughts and add link to a relavent post on my blog. I get almost no traffic to my blog from FB. I don’t use MeWe but maybe I should try it.

    I have been getting good traffic from Twitter but I don’t enjoy Twitter.


    1. I used to crosspost to Twitter but I got nothing and I ended up never going there. I don’t like spamming posts to groups on any platform and I try to keep it relevant to the group. MeWe is pretty good for RPG stuff IMHO but there are some whackos on there and spam bots hit it now and then. But MeWe does make it very easy to block somebody. It’s a little difficult to get your network up and going but there once you’re there and join some groups, I think it’s a decent place. A lot less drama.


      1. The people on MeWe are more cultured! Although I see this argument that MeWe has some crazy people, blocking them is more effective than blocking someone on FB. Also, the FB groups are getting increasingly political.

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