You’re Responsible for Your Own Fun

Ever hear that old saying, “You’re responsible for your own orgasm?” Well, this is sort of like that but without the awkwardness and clean up afterward.

This isn’t about just you having fun at the game table and ignoring everybody else. Everybody should be having fun. You see, I keep seeing posts (usually on FB), “Is there an adventure that has….?” “Why isn’t my favorite class part of this game?” and so on. And, of course, I got thinking. Just make the damned stuff yourself.

I may be just plain crazy or an RPG conspiracy theorist but I’m getting the feeling that it’s becoming all too common for folks to look for “officially sanctioned” adventures and other gaming material. Those things do make life easier but they aren’t necessary. If somebody hasn’t made what you want then DIY it.

I don’t have the time to write adventures. Work with what you have. Do your best. What if the adventure or custom class for my friend is totally screwed up. Then fix it. What if I post online and people don’t like it. Screw ’em. Everybody makes mistakes. Not every adventure, class, or whatever is perfect. Some times things go well and sometimes they suck. Deal with it and do better next time.

But here’s not what to do. Whine that somebody else hasn’t made that exact something that you want. Like I said at the beginning. You’re responsible for your own fun.

2 thoughts on “You’re Responsible for Your Own Fun”

  1. I think this is occurring because we have millions of new or returned players and every major pop culture phenom has “canon”.

    My 2nd RPG was Heroes Unlimited and I couldn’t comprehend that every rule wasn’t covered because that was my job as the DM. On top of that players and DMs need to learn that is okay to fudge the rules. I think we’d have seen more of this if we’d had social media starting in the ’70s. Can you imagine how the Perrin Conventions would have blown up on Twitter?


    1. Maybe but. I remember the pre-Internet days. Nobody was doing anything nearly the same and you could only pretty much reach out to your circle or if you were lucky somebody at a convention. Social media does make it easy to reach out to group but how many hundreds if not thousands of Youtube videos are there. How many blogs? Google it. Folks have more reach than they did back then.

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