Bacon Cheeseburger of Offense Redux

This was a post from my old blog. I dug through my old backups. It’s still relevant today. Without further ado, The Bacon Cheeseburger of Offense.

I like bacon cheeseburgers. I’m not insisting you like bacon cheeseburgers. I’m not going to make you eat a bacon cheeseburger. Just let me enjoy my bacon cheeseburger in peace.

I know this offends some people. There are those who insist that since bacon cheeseburgers are not health foods. No one should be allowed to eat them. Just as one salad doesn’t make thin, one bacon cheeseburger is not going to make you fat. Moderation.
I know the bun excludes anyone who chooses or must be gluten free.
I know I’ve excluded vegetarians and vegans with the cheese and meat.
I know that a bacon cheeseburger violates Hindu, Jewish and Muslim dietary laws. If eaten on Friday, the bacon cheeseburger violates Catholic dietary laws.
With one meal, I have excluded most of the world’s population. This doesn’t make me a bad person. Yes, an overly simplified example but then I’m an overly simple guy.

5 thoughts on “Bacon Cheeseburger of Offense Redux”

  1. Nah.
    The problem isn’t your bacon cheeseburger. Nobody wants to take your bacon, your cheese, your burger or your bun.
    The problem is if other options that others want or require aren’t on the menu.
    Expanding the menu doesn’t take away your delicious burger.
    I also don’t understand how it would impact your enjoyment of it. You merely have to overlook menu items you don’t want.


    1. Why are you barging into his house, and demanding that he suddenly cater to you, an intruder?

      Just let him enjoy his delicious bacon cheeseburger in peace. Stop foodsplaining!


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