Return to Zoong

The good old 5E Sword & Sorcery game is going well but I do have a the habit of planning well in advance for the next campaign. For this, it’s time to go back to the more traditional D&D style game and that means knocking the dust off the old notes.

So, Zoong is my own home brewed setting for the more standard style of campaign. I’ve already ran in this setting with 5E, Swords & Wizardry, and Dungeon Crawl Classics. For this iteration, I’m gearing up to use my YARC 5E/Old School Hack.

There’s bits and pieces of each of those earlier campaigns that are left over and made some changes to the setting. Of course, also my own preferences and experiences add even more bits. Plus the returning players already have a good feel for the whole vibe of the world. And what’s the best place to start? A New Map!

I decided to kick the tires and learn how to use Inkarnate. Since I’m just learning, I only used the free version. This isn’t the final version of the map. I may do some more tweaking here and there. Really, I have no idea what I’m doing. And there were about half a dozen false starts that I just trashed and started over.

I’m also debating on whether to use on of those fancy online campaign managers or keep it old school and just do PDF’s for my players and the good old three-ring binder for my DM notes. I’m playing around with a couple of them but more on that later.

Let’s roll dice and have fun out there!

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