There Comes A Time…

You get to a point in your life where you just don’t care what the in-crowd is doing or their opinions of you. You’re comfortable with yourself and you aren’t afraid to go off and do those things you just want to do.

I was sitting back and catching my breath the other day and I thought, “I really don’t care about editions or whatever the cool thing of the moment is.” I don’t that if a specific retro-clone is the hot thing of the day. I don’t care if this this thing that all the cool kids are playing.

Sure I’m willing to look and take interest in a new game. Heck, I may even be inspired by some of its mechanics. I’ll even run it or play it and enjoy it. But where does all of my real passion rest?

It’s in hacking rules and making a Franken-Game that may not be perfect but it’s got the stuff that I think is fun. I don’t need to apologize or justify this. But if you’re not playing by a specific edition’s rules then you’re not really playing D&D. Yes, I am.

Through out the editions, the very basic mechanics have remained basically very close or at least with recognizable origins if you take the time to look close enough. With the rise of the OGL, there have been hundreds if not thousands of new and interesting ideas. You just have to go out and find them and bend them to your will and take the good ideas that you like and put them all together for that game that’s just right the fit for you and your group.

Go out. Do it. Never apologize for it. The only people you owe anything to are those that at your table not some gang on the Internet.

Remember. Have fun. Roll dice.

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