Find Your DM Voice

How many videos and blog posts out there that tell you who to DM or DM in a specific way? How to run a mystery. How to run a political, horror, grim dark etc. A lot. Too many? That’s up to you to decide.

If you’ve spent any time around writers there’s this common talk of finding your voice. Finding that style that it is you. This same idea applies to being a DM. Sure some folks can bounce from genre to genre and from tone to tone with ease. But some of us can’t. Or should I say that some of us aren’t that good at it. And that’s OK. Embrace your voice and be yourself.

I admit it. I suck at running most SciFi games. I can do it and enjoy it but the campaigns never last long. What about horror or something grim dark? Well, no. I try. I start that way and soon my own dark sense of humor creeps in and we’re making Monty Python jokes in the face of an Elder God. Is there anything wrong with this? Oh no! It break immersion. Yeah it does but when what you’re immersed in isn’t exactly your forte then fewer people start enjoying the game.

So be honest with yourself about what you’re good at and what you enjoy as DM. Be honest with your players. And as a player be honest too. Just because the DM isn’t running the game the way you want. Doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. It’s just different. And any reasonable person can tell the difference between just a different tone and feel and folks that are just jerks.

And on the mini painting front. Here you go.

A Dancing Girl, Blink Dog, & Merchant.

One thought on “Find Your DM Voice”

  1. Good topic. I often find myself wrestling with this. As DMs, we have a certain idea in mind, and later, our personalities can clash with consistently delivering on it. For me, its been those times I remind myself of the very idea you bring up here, which is to understand your limits, find that voice and play to your strengths and your interests.

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