Praise The Fallen & Sision Tower

I like adventures that are out of the ordinary. I can stock a cave or lair with your standard array of monsters. I really like it when an adventure has interesting monsters that can be used for more than just the adventure at hand.

Praise for the Fallen and Sision Tower are two adventures by Graphite Prime Studios. First these two adventures are tied together in that they share the same universe of fallen angels and the like. No problem. I like that sort of thing. Praise the Fallen is a more standard dungeon crawl while Sision Tower is “vertical” dungeon crawl. That is the map is a cut away side view. No biggie but kind of neat.

Cherub Haunt

Both of these adventures stand out for having an array of non-standard monsters. Things like the Cherub Haunt or The Phaen Witch are just plain cool. Heck, if the DM want to do just a little adjustment, the Phaen Witch could easily become a reoccurring villain or even a darker mentor. Even the encounters with standard style monsters are interesting. So yep. These have some new opponents for the party to face off against.

Phaen Witch

So new monsters. Check. And guess what? New nifty magic items too. Sision Tower has sixteen new and interesting magic items. I mean really I’ve shelled out more bucks on adventures that don’t have a single new thing in them. Yeah, these adventures are inexpensive as well. New monsters and magic items alone make it worth the price of admission.

I usually don’t comment much on artwork. I’m more focused usually on just the content. But Graphite Prime is one of those lucky people who can write and draw. This gives both adventures even more of a similar synchronized vibe.

It takes a lot for me to get excited about so much RPG stuff that comes out these days. So much lacks personality, gets all edge lord just because, or just over complicates stuff that doesn’t need it. Both these adventures have personality. Their out of the ordinary without going over the edge. They don’t go into details that the DM and/or players might not even care about.

You can grab Praise the Fallen and Sision Tower on DrivethruRPG. Oh and check out Graphite Prime’s blog. There’s good stuff over there.

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