What’s in store for 2022

So what’s going to happen on the good old blog this year? Well, hopefully a lot. And I want to try a few new things. But there ‘s some caveats.

Yeah that may sound pretty pretentious. That’s not my intention. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Controversy outweighs content. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of all keyboard warriors who’s only contribution is complaining about the most current bit of outrage. Sure there are very important societal issues that should and need to be addressed. Of course, any reasonable discussion is drowned out by shrill name calling and just plain childish exchanges. You really see this on FB. There’s groups that I’ve belonged to for years. They used to be fun. They used to be about gaming. Just scroll through the posts. Any gamable content or a review. That’s crickets. Dare mention something slightly political or an opinion that may be different and folks who have contributed nothing suddenly spring out of the shadows and start throwing shit. So with that being said, most of gaming related networking is going to be on MeWe. I know lot’s of folks don’t like it for whatever reason. There’s some good folks over there. And you get out of it, what you put in. Sure I’ll be on Facebook but I’m going to limit my interactions over there. It just ain’t worth my time.

Then there’s Patreon. I have such mixed feelings about it. There’s a couple of things that I don’t like. Some of it isn’t their fault like having to collect sales tax based on the location of the Patron. I know it’s petty but I just feel like it’s the Patron’s are the one’s getting screwed. Maybe I shouldn’t care about it but I do. The other is buried in their Terms of Service. It’s mostly forgotten but they were changed a few years ago. They can punt you if you do something that they don’t like that is off of the platform. Sure I know the usual arguments but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. But on the brighter side, they are adding some pretty cool new features this year. So I may have to swallow my pride. But I am exploring the possibility expanding onto KoFi. And see what happens. Nothing says you can’t have both and it’s up to the individuals on how and if they want to support the old blog.

And also speaking of expanding. I just throw a couple of things up on Itch.io just to see what happens. Plus I have had the strange temptation to do some post videos. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I dropped the podcast since it really wasn’t the time efficient for me. I know videos will take more time. Also, there’s already so damn many. I just have to see what strangeness pops into my head and see how far it goes.

What RPG stuff? Well, that’s going to be interesting. I’ve already been asked if I’m going to publish the frankengame house rules of my YARC project. I may. Right now, it’s pages of notes that are fine for a handout to my players. It will take a lot of polish. Plus there’s a few things in that I’m using that may not be open game content so I have to double check and fix any of that. So there’s a good chance something will emerge on the publishing side. Plus there’s about half a dozen other things that I’ve started. Be nice to get some of those done.

So as I started this post, 2022 is a year where I’m going to do my own damn thing. Post about the gaming stuff I like. When I’ve had my fill of stupid, I might post about things I don’t like. But I want to focus on things that I think are cool and fun. I want to expand and explore some new platforms for sharing content. Maybe do a few weird and quirky things to see what happens. So stay tuned as various crazy things come together. Most importantly, I want to have fun in 2022. That’s what gaming is supposed to be about. Entertainment.

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