Carla (of Cpt Kronos) for YARC

Yes, it’s a rare Saturday post. Why? It’s Caroline Munro’s birthday. The Queen of Hammer Horror. I think it’s odd for me to do two birthday posts in one week so I decided to do Carla from Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter as a character.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much about Carla in the movie but there’s a Captain Kronos comic where the character is much more developed. I admit that I haven’t read them but like Hollywood, I’m going to let not reading the source material stop me. The internet gives me enough.

Another thing I’m going to do here is roll the character and built her according to whatever the dice decide. I’m going to assume that she’s at a level where she’s had some training by Dr. Grost so I’m doing her as 3rd level. For a class, I decided on Rouge/Bard. Decent at combat and a flexible path to use knowledge and other tricks to win the fight and stay alive. So here we go.

Carla (3rd Level Human Rogue/Bard) Alignment: Neutral

ATTRIBUTES: STR: +1 DEX: +2 CON: +1 INT: +1 WIS: +1 CHA: +2

SAVES: Poison/Disease: +1 Magic: +2 Reflex: +3 Luck: +2

HD/HP: d8/13

AC (Leather Armor): 14

Attack Bonus: +2

Weapons (Damage): Brass Knuckles (d4+1) Hand Crossbow (d4+1) Sabre (d6+1)

Special Abilities: +2 to Thievery and Skulduggery rolls. Advantage on rolls to uncover Rumors & Information and recall odd bits of Lore.

And there you go. Happy gaming!

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