More Thoughts on Some VTT

First of all, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been using Owlbear Rodeo and loving it. It does all the things that I need it to do. It’s easy to use. And we haven’t had any tech problems on our end. But I did some more searching and found a couple that I like and I want to keep in my back pocket. And couple more that are neat but don’t quite fit my personal needs.

Let’s start with better one’s first. There’s Mythic Table and Tableplop. Both of these have a lot in common with Owlbear Rodeo in appearance and use. They are browser based so players don’t have to download anything. Mythic Table is open source. So that’s nice. There are a couple of extra bells and whistles that they have that Owlbear doesn’t. Both Mythic Table and Tableplop have integrated text chat. Mythic Table does have plans for integrated video. Those are nice but our group uses and is comfortable with Discord. And just like Owlbear they have integrated die rollers. But what is nice, Mythic Table has integrated die roll macros. So you can pre-program those rolls with modifiers that you make all the time. And tokens have enough room in their “Description” box to type in a simple character sheet. Tableplop has ability for GM to make their own from the ground character sheets and basically rules. So if you’re homebrewer like me this is pretty good feature.

Chances are our group will stay with Owlbear Rodeo. It’s actively being updated so new features and improved tools are coming out all the time. Now on to a couple that stumbled upon that look neat but I’ll probably never use.

First there’s Talespire. Hell, this looks cool and if I had the time to do all that 3d stuff and layout terrain. But hell looks pretty. Oh and the players need to buy it too (as of this writing).

Pretty isn’t it? And whole lot of extra work. But don’t let that stop you if you like throwing around the 3d virtual building block then Adventure Roll is there too. The good news is that you and the players can download the client for free. They make their money via bells, whistles and other options within their own store. So there’s that. While Talespire looks like miniatures moving around a bunch of Dwarven Forge terrain. Adventure takes thing to the first person perspective. Yes, you can set up the view like a first person shooter or do a third person camera view. It’s kind of neat and immersive but it’s still a lot of work on the DM part.

Maybe these last two and the next gen of VTT’s. I dunno. They’re both interesting and might be fun to play in. We shall see what the future holds.

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