Some of the best planning is at the last minute

At least that’s what I’m telling myself. We’re starting the new campaign tomorrow and I still haven’t gotten the initial “how this gang of murder hobos come together” done.

Sure, they are starting with Keep on the Borderlands. It’s a classic and very customizable module. I’ve already added/altered many of the Keep’s NPC’s. Moved around, added, and spruced up most of the encounter areas in the region. Now, I’m brainstorming on where and how the party comes together.

Sure they could just meet at the tavern, at the gate, or on the road. But I also want to start with something exciting sort of in media res. And I haven’t quite come up with an idea. Maybe bandits. Or maybe goblins. I just plain haven’t decided yet. Since the players haven’t generated characters yet any planning is going to be very vague. It’s going to be an interesting party. So far from pre-game discussions, the party is starting off with a cleric, druid, and magic-user. Not sure what the final player is considering.

This is also where I start to really kick the tires and see how well my ideas for YARC are going to work out. All the previous posts have been very high level, design theory stuff. But know it’s time for the dice to meet the table and put all that into practice and see what happens.

Don’t worry, folks. I’ll keep you up to date with what’s going on and some of the fun bits of the campaign.

2 thoughts on “Some of the best planning is at the last minute”

  1. “You are all–for your own reasons–travelling from one town to another. You have heard that the road is dangerous, so you have contracted with an experienced guide to take you there.

    “Midway along your route, your guide slumps across his horse, an arrow through his neck. Shadowy figures are all around you in the dark woods.

    “Roll for initiative.”

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