And so it begins..The Franken Game

The Great Franken Game began this weekend. Sure there were some setbacks but we worked through it and even had some time to throw some dice and get into trouble.

Our first problem was the damned weather. When you get ice and snow in Texas, bad things happen. What that meant was two of the four players had to make up work from earlier in the week. One thing that I did tell the players and myself is that the game will go on. And it did. This also illustrates why I opted not to use the now famous “milestone” leveling up method. We’re going with XP. Can’t make it. Sorry. You’ll just be a little behind the other player characters.

Next up. We had to deal with Kanka. This is what I’m using for campaign notes and ideas and for a place for the players to back up their characters. I had all the templates created before and did some screen sharing in Discord to help them get it set up. Sure there were hiccups but it should be valuable in the long run.

So what did the party end up looking like? Well, I know that the players who couldn’t attend are planning on a Druid and Cleric. For the pair that made it. We’ve got a Magic-User (Witch), based on the Witch Class from Cursed Scroll Zine. And a Magic-User (Warlock). For this I’m not basing Warlocks on the 5E variety rather on those from Hyperborea. That is to say masters of Sword and Spell (once they get a few levels under their belt). So all spell casters. No Fighter. No real rogue. But I am offering the players to roll on the Benisons & Dooms tables from DCC Lankhmar and the Witch got a Criminal Background so there’s some thief-type skills available.

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So how did our session go playwise? Our two mages decide to wander into the spooky woods and try to make a few gold collecting on that bounty on bandits. I guess they did have a solid plan. Cast sleep. Run in and club the bandits into unconsciousness and tie them up. But they ended up wandering in the wrong direction. They did run into a few gnolls. They did survive and use their basic plan in combat except for the pair of gnolls who weren’t slept. So that meant things got really touch and go. But they prevailed in the end.

It did go well over all. Nothing seemed to go wrong with all the wonky game mechanics that I stitched together. The players had blasted and even complimented it at the end. So that’s the first update. And there will be more to come as the party gets into more trouble and more of the crazy YARC ideas get bounced off players.

And crazy quote of the session, “Did you just put human poop in your pocket?”

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