The Folio Black Label No 7: The Legend of Imani and Daiyu

The Art of the Genre puts out some good adventures that are double stated for old school play and 5E. Now, their Black Label series is more adult and risque so you have been warned.

The Legend of Imani and Dairy introduces two new iconic characters to the Nameless Realms (which aren ‘t stated out but are featured in the interior artwork and is low level/beginning adventure. Sure there are a few naughty bits but not as much as some of the previous offerings. It’s still naughty though.

The plot of the adventure is pretty straight forward. WARNING SPOILERS. The player characters are hired to rob a family crypt. Why? Well, an NPC is trying to avoid an arranged marriage so maybe looting the family crypt could generate enough money for her to avoid that. The player characters can keep what ever else they find.

Of course, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. First, the groom-to-be is jerk and has some goons try to stop the player characters. And, of course, it’s not just a crypt. It’s an ancient and corrupted monastery. Sure, going to a crypt the player characters should expect undead (and they are there). But there’s also mad cultists and tentacle goblins.

Yes, you read that right. Tentacle goblins. I did mention that this was more adult, right? Yeah, tentacle goblins.

What follows is a good old-fashioned dungeon romp. While I don’t think it’s as strong as the previous Black Label adventures; it is the first part of a trilogy so there’s more to come.

I did get the PDF as part of the Indiegogo campaign and as of this writing I’m not seeing on the Art of the Genre website. But it should be forth coming and worth checking out along with their of their other titles.

You know I should a review of some of their other stuff. Hmm. Coming soon. Keep rolling those dice.

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