Into the Mutant Gnome Mines!

Second session of what should become the infamous “Border Keep” campaign! I could also name this post, how are these guys still alive?

Real world bad luck hit two players, so we were down on headcount again. That left the group as two magic-users. Their current favorite tactic is cast sleep, rush in, and stab anything that’s asleep. See how long that one continues to work…

For some odd reason, they just don’t want to talk to a couple of NPC’s. Sure they want to run out and hunt bandits for the bounty but they still won’t talk to the guy who’s actually putting up the bounty. And listen to the rumors. Nope. I tried to be nice. They are first level. So if a rumor says, “Don’t go east. It’s dangerous over there.” Just maybe you should listen to it. At least, they did talk to one NPC in the Hungry Raven Tavern and (at least temporarily) a thief joined up.

Yes, they nearly got their clocks cleaned by a wandering gang of evil orcs. But they kept going east until they finally came across the Mutant Gnome Mine.

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They didn’t question why a bunch of bugbears would be working as guards/mercenaries for a gang of gnome miners. Sure, they attacked with the murder sleep combo and decided to delve into the mine. Things got dicey. As in, they should have gotten killed a couple of times but when the DM rolls poorly then stuff happens. They ran across some caged up psycho-mutant gnomes and fought an Alchemist who should have burned them to a crisp but nope. They did find a stash of weird magical mutating drugs in the Alchemist’s Lab.

If this sounds kind of familiar, it should. I’ve taken a bunch of inspiration from Dungeon Craft’s Caves of Carnage.

Of course, other stuff happened too but that’s kind of the highlights. Fun times and hopefully, the other players will be able to attend. As far as any special game mechanics thoughts? Well, I did decided not to do the “milestone” method. It’s time to earn some XP. Why? Just as a simple way of rewarding attendance. Sure, I know life can get in the way but those do attend should get a little more. And progression will be slower in this one. Two sessions and the best is two PC’s half way to 2nd level.

Stay tuned for more fun!

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