Art of the Genre: Storyteller’s Arcana

I said I’d share some thoughts on something from Art of the Genre that wasn’t part of the Black Label series. Now, I’ve got a bunch of their stuff on PDF thanks to Kickstarter stretch goals. Out of all of them, I’d say the most useful one is The Storytellers Arcana.

So what’s The Storyteller’s Arcana? Basically, it’s a DM Guide. So what’s in those 130+ pages? Well, you’ve got archetypal NPC’s, new spells, adventure seeds, mini adventures and tons of advice and commentary. And that last bit is where it becomes the most inspirational and useful.

Let’s face it. Most supplements have mainly just crunchy bits and/or fluff but there’s very little about the thought and philosophy that goes into making those. So not only is there various bits and pieces you could add to your game but also examples and commentary which I find inspirational for tailoring bits and pieces into my own game.

Of course, there also that special bonus that mechanics and monsters are dual stated for old D&D and 5E making it useful no matter where you fall on the Edition curve. But I will admit that it is a bit pricey but if you’ve got the extra cash about dropping on the PDF might be useful.

You can find the PDF of Storyteller’s Arcana on DrivethruRPG. As of this writing, you can pick up hardback copies on the Art of Genre’s website.

And with that. Keep rolling those dice out there. And be just a bit silly.

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