Quantum Starfarer

Yes, I know. I haven’t written about anything Cepheus in a long time. Trust me. There’s lots of stuff on my to-do list. But this ain’t about my lack of discipline. It’s about the newest offering from Stellagama Publishing, Quantum Starfarer!

So what’s this little gem? And I mean little. Like the other offering for Cepheus Quantum, Quantum Starfarer takes the classic 2d6 Sci-Fi engine (AKA Traveller) and boils it down to the most basic and easiest mechanics. Cepheus Quantum comes as two “Sheets”. Sheet One has every thing for characters (including psionics) from generation to combat while Sheet Two covers starship creation and combat. I did notice there’s a little goof there. The Ace Trait gains a +2 bonus to gain Edge in vehicle combat but nowhere does it explain what “Edge” is. I believe that this should be for Vehicle Initiative.

Also, reducing it down to only a couple of pages there’s a few things that some might say are missing. Most notably alien races and equipment. These aren’t that big of an omission since you can grab up the Quantum SRD as PWYW.

So what is this even good for? Well, it’s to introduce new players to the basics of the Cepheus Engine, and prefect for a quick pick up game or a convention game.

You can grab this little PDF up for the low cost of $1 (as of this writing) over on DrivethruRPG.

Thanks for stopping by and roll those dice out there.

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